TUI Trading day trading firm stole my money

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I started day trading on Jan 2nd/2013 with TUI Trading based in Lake Worth, FL with Mr Ben Goldberg.

In April i was informed by Ben that his brokers (BSIC and BAS, with both clearing through LEK) are withholding

the trading funds and I will not be able to get my remaining equity balance with TUI back. I have contacted Ben again but

no response. TUI IS STILL ACCEPTING NEW TRADERS THOUGH which I find very confusing and maybe fraudulent.

Ben had assured me prior to me joining TUI in January that firm is very safe to trade with. Do NOT trade with TUI Trading!!

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Los Angeles, California, United States #816079

Rosetrader you guarantee you can get peaoples money back??Really?

and you are trying to get business from a web forum? Sounds legit to me. LMAO.

better sue me too.what a joke!



STOP lying about my business otherwise I will sue you for libel.I have already collected back ten of thousands of dollars from BSI and can prove this.

By the way, I have logged your IP address.

Have a nice weekend.

to RoseTrader #816006

rosetrader you are full of sh**; really, log IP?you cannot do that unless you were with

sue for libel? let's see that happen. let's see proof of what you collected.

we should sue you for fraud.thanks for showing here what a fraud you are.


attention all.................RoseTrader is a shill for Angelo / BSI.

The company that ripped you off. Do not give this person any information and contact a real attorney and the investigator immediately !!!!

You've been warned.

to WrathoftradersNYC #815905

How do you know this? She does seem fishy.


Don't do business with this man, Ben Goldberg

San Francisco, California, United States #806667

Ben Goldberg recovered $6399.65 on 4/7/2014 from Steve Cohen's Law office for the frozen money at BSI Capital.The money recovered is $.50 to the dollar from the original accounts.

He lied to me about not getting any of the money back. He said the original accounts is actually in the negative so no refund is possible. Now I have proof from the attorney's release that he actually received money for the previously frozen account.

Now he is on the run from everyone.Today he just shut down his website.

to Slick Goldberg #806672

What a POS ***. Let's hunt this guy down.

to Slick Goldberg Los Angeles, California, United States #811366

We're dealing with the same issue, email me to discuss, may have some good solutions!


I'm in the same boat, BSI capital wont refund my trading $$$. Email me to exchange information and join forces for legal action!!!


Anyone in this predicament, please contact We may have help on the way.


I have helped 2 of my clients get back money from this company and I am willing to assist anyone who needs my service. Please send emails with your contact info to I would call you WITH 48 Hours to confirm case and start with getting you your refund

to RoseTrader #778942

Rose Trader please contact me concerning a loss I incurred with BSI Capital Nevis Island. Thank you.. email address is


I have helped 2 of my clients get back money from this company and I am willing to assist anyone who needs my service. Please send emails with your contact info to I would call you WITH 48 Hours to confirm case and start with getting you your refund


Anyone here scammed by protradermike or ben goldberg of tui trading, please contact ; a class action is the only way to go but we need all your participation


Just got burned on 1/21/2014 by TUI and Lewis Firm Trading.The clearing firm they were using was Events Capital in Belize and supposedly the owner of Events Capital used most of Lewis Firms customer funds to bankroll his own bad trades.

Supposedly once he was confronted about what was happening, he committed suicide. There are still funds in the clearing firm account but it can't be accessed as Lewis Firm wasn't listed as the beneficiary. Those funds supposedly will go to the next of kin of the guy who committed suicide. This is the info we are being given so don't even know if any of this is actually true.

Not sure who to believe anymore. What I do know is that I'm out a rather large chunk of money and nobody is being accountable for the loss. Sounds very suspect to me. Lewis Firm is claiming they will still be working to recover funds but I doubt any of that will ever make it past the reimbursement of their own account.

Guess Ben Goldberg got wind of the outcome before we did as he has stopped communicating. Sounds like quite a number of people are getting ripped off by TUI's trading/clearing firms lately.

They should definitely be stopped from continuing this practice.

to Anonymous #776475

please contact

to Anonymous #776476

email sent

to Anonymous #776785

in the same boat. email me.

Hallandale Beach, Florida, United States #735770

TUI, is not returning my money either. Who is the proper authority to contact to file a complaint.


Has anyone here been able to get their money back?


Trader 2013 Im sorry to hear about this.Im sure you hate parting with your money after all that's what traders love.

Lets get to business.

I can assure you I can get your money back But I don't know how to get in-contact with you.(help me help you)Seriously I can.

to RoseTrader #731941

How can I get a hold of you?

to Anonymous #731956

send me your email or contact number

to RoseTrader #731985

it's please email me


Ben is a stand up guy I dont know what you clows are talking about.I have made alot of coin with Ben.

You idiots the capital is locked upo for 1 year he didnt steal your money.:eek :eek :cry :cry :cry

to ***z Miami, Florida, United States #735507

HI you provably say that because you didn't loose any money but I can tell you ben Goldberg is a scam artist that deserves prison time for stealing from people.

Miami, Florida, United States #717460

Titan became a ghost...these guys need to get served a nice fat civil lawsuit and have their assets here in Florida seized....they know no one person has enough $$$ to go after them but a class action might do the is the link to the BSI lawyers in Belize and the letter they sent out.....

to ***ureview #724006

Did you get screwed by titan as well? I have successfully collected trader deposits back from Titan and am willing to help anyone who was unfortunate enough to do business with them, do the same.

to RoseTrader #731922

Hi Rosetrader, how do I get in contact with you?

to lovetrading #731953

you can give me your email address or a contact number.

to RoseTrader #731955

pls email thank you

to RoseTrader #764280

Hello RoseTrader, do you know anything about BSI Capital they stole my trading funds as well. Thank you

to John #776961

they are all the same people trust me I know this better than anyone .

Mount Laurel, New Jersey, United States #699409

Titan Equity Trading and BSI Capital were also scamming this way.

I think it is best to stay away from prop. Firms.

Miami, Florida, United States #691421

hi I also was scammed by ben Goldberg from TUI trading with over 2,500 and now he doesn't even answer the phone or the emails this guy is working with angelo avanate from TITAN EQUITY TRADING former broadstreet this guys are crooks I've already contacted the florida attorney general's office to file a formal complaint.

New York City, New York, United States #685512

Well, it seems like he bagged all of us ! My account was working fine until today, July 22, 2013. Also no response to e-mails and phone calls That I made to him.

to ***ed New Yorker ! Toronto, Ontario, Canada #686039

What city are you in?? Who was your contact? Thanks

to ***ed New Yorker ! #731923

any luck getting a hold of him?

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